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Some tips about how to find a good sports shoes and sneakers supplier in China

First of all, the main ways to find suppliers are as follows.

The first is the exhibition. The efficiency is relatively high, but the cost is also relatively high.

The second is various B2B platforms, such as,, and, which are mixed, making them difficult to distinguish.

The third is various search platforms, such as Google, and Bing, on which there is massive information for you to slowly select.

The fourth is the introduction among friends, which is relatively more reliable and allows you to take fewer detours.

Then, how can we tell if a supplier is good? Here we will not talk about the exhibition and introduction among friends.


  1. 1.You must first check the supplier’s company profile, strength display, product catalog to know its size and whether the products provided are compatible with you.
  2. 2.You can also check the strength proof of the supplier, such as certificates and related certifications.
  3. 3.If all of the above meet your requirements, you can send an inquiry to this supplier to have a preliminary understanding of prices. Of course, you can also send your products for inquiry, which may have higher efficiency.
  4. 4.Through the supplier’s response speed, the professionalism of the quotation, price, payment terms and other information, you can initially know whether this supplier is the one you want, and then decide whether to continue to the next step. If you don’t like this supplier, just reply politely. Normally, the suppliers won’t bother you anymore.
  5. 5.Of course, you can also send the inquiry to several suitable suppliers, which will help you make a better decision.
  6. 6.If everything goes well, you can ask the interested supplier for samples. Sometimes the supplier will ask for the sample fee, which needs your understanding because the cost of some samples is relatively high. Of course, for potential buyers, suppliers are also willing to provide free samples, which requires communication.
  7. 7.In general, if the quality and price of the sample meet your requirements, you can start to place an order. However, if conditions permit, I hope you can make an on-site visit, especially if you need to conduct business for the long term, which will help build mutual trust between the two parties. And through an on-site visit, you can find some issues that need your attention in the future.
  8. 8.It is recommended that when you first cooperate with one supplier, the quantity should not be too much to control the risk. Meanwhile, you can also ask a third-party inspection agency to assist you with the inspection. After all, everyone just makes a little money.



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Post time: Feb-17-2020